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JPD (Japan Pet Design) SHORI 10 Kg

Highest quality growth enhancing Koi food

All ingredients in this food are selected carefully with dietetic studies and JPD technology. This food is formulated with high quality animal and plant protein
which make a good digestibility for koi. It should be noted that this food is
high protein (45%) but also low ash (8.5%). The ash is digested slowly. This is
because high protein fish meal is used.

Color Enhance
Astaxanthin makes red redder and vitamin C makes white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. This food is enriched with astaxanthin.

This food is formulated with probiotics which reduces the waste in the water and regulate the functions of the intestines. And this food doesn't deprave the water quality, because SHORI pellet keeps shape for long time in the water.
JPD (Japan Pet Design) SHORI 10 KgDetail Produk
Item ini merupakan Pakan Koi Import yang diproduksi oleh JPD (Japan Pet Design) untuk pertumbuhan ikan koi

JPD SHORI Product Description

Berat : 10 kg

Harga: Rp.1.100.000